DarkPads ice zone contact carbon

4 braking pads designed for carbon-made wheels. 

SHIMANO/SRAM compatible

FREE Shipping for any purchase of 2 or more sets of four pads. 

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DARKPADS’ ice zone contact carbon braking pad is a unique patented concept aimed at optimizing both the cooling of the rim and the braking power while keeping a similar braking pattern whether the rim is wet or dry. 

What makes it a breakthrough is the ability to cool the braking surface of a carbon rim while braking by redirecting air-flows via an internal system. Its ability to dissipate heat is due to the combination of a central air-channel and perpendicular channels supplying the surface with fresh air. By using infrared cameras, we drew a temperature profile to help designing our air-channeling system and optimize the heat dissipation. The pad frame has been calibrated to maximize the flow rate though the channels by creating a Venturi Effect. 

We engineered our resin to get rid off what made braking on a carbon rim unpleasant : The ON/OFF feeling, brake marks on the rim.. We offer a progressive and controllable braking experience, with similar braking pattern in wet and dry conditions.

The result of the combination of those technologies is a smooth braking sensation that will make you forget the jolts provided by other pads, while maintaining on-demand power in any situations and weather conditions.

No more overheating of the rim and more importantly, a safer and greater braking pattern. 

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